Types of Gold Jewelry

  • When it comes to working with gold colored jewelry, I prefer gold-filled. I find it to have great quality (the next best being solid gold), as well as, affordability. There are several gold trends out there, hopefully the below image can help you to see why I prefer gold-filled. 




  • As you can see from the image above, the amount of gold in each of the different types of jewelry varies. 
  • Why Gold-Filled? 
    • The thick layer of gold in gold-filled jewelry is a genuine layer of gold permanently bonded onto a core of jewelers’ brass using an extremely high temperature and a lot of pressure. The core metal, or jewelers’ brass, is copper and zinc. The gold is fused to the underlying core. 
    • At RG Beads, quality and affordability are greatly valued, which is why I choose to use gold-filled materials. 


Sterling Silver Materials

  • Sterling silver, similar to gold-filled, consists of a durable outer layer that is bonded to a copper or brass-alloy base or core... which is why I use .925 Sterling Silver materials